Trek to Monte Bondone / Cima Verde / Monte Cornetto

The first trek of the year 2019 was an interesting one! We were lucky to get the warmth of Sun with snow at our feet. It was a great experience 😊 Quick facts to plan a trek to Cima Verde Location:   Best time to visit: If you would like to see snow March, April If... Continue Reading →

Its time for Doss Trento!

The first location I am going to discuss about is Doss Trento. It is a close place to Trento train station and you can see that place from Piazza Dante. It is a good location for a normal day with some physical workout of climbing the small hill close to your city center. Location: Best... Continue Reading →

Trento- Zero expense trips

Are u a student studying in university of Trento with a free circulation pass for an year?  If yes, you are in the right place to find more about your next trip and you can actually have a great trip for free!!! Watch out this blog for more information about the each and every location.... Continue Reading →

How does a student @unitn travel in Trento?

Hi guys!! I have started this page completely dedicated to students in Trento. Specially for International students @ unitn because I am one of your kind 😉 It has been a year since I have been in Trento and I believe that I know few things about the city. Stay tuned for more information and... Continue Reading →

The 20-30 Damaka. Is your age between 20-30? Are you one of those pity souls who is in transition period?

YES, I call this a transition period as you say in a control system! (Sorry I cannot stop that being a Electrical Engineer). We are in a phase where we are too young to create the future and too old to follow our past. For example, consider going and playing in mud. Everyone likes it... Continue Reading →

Are you an Indian student applying for a long term student VISA to start your studies in Italy? Here is the quick check list for you!

The list of documents mandatory for VISA submission are 1. Passport 2. A completed VISA application form with three Schengen VISA format photos 3. Covering letter 4. Original acceptance of enrollment by Italian Institution 5. Original Educational certificates and Declaration of Value(DOV) 6. Pre-enrollment (Form A) duly stamped by Italian consulate with photo authentication 7.... Continue Reading →

Time to act is now 

Procrastination is our favorite form of self-sabotage. Consider that there is always a three characters inside your head viz., the monkey, the captain and the procrastinater! The captain always wants you to be on track and of course he is the one who can control the wild crazy monkey. So lets see what happens inside... Continue Reading →

Everything that happens is for a good reason

The upvoters for this statement may be less but believe me, there are very few things that you can predict and control in this world. You are moulded by the hard times and the tough challenges that you have faced in past, to be what you are now.  Would you accept if I say that... Continue Reading →

Have courage to try new things

When is the last time you did something new? Are you a person who likes to explore? If so, never stay back and miss a chance because life is too short. Take up new tasks that interests you and explore the world around. You might be finding something very interesting over a period of time.... Continue Reading →

The New Year challenge

How often we remember a happy day in our life? We are always influenced by negativity. Every time something worse happens to us, we remember it for a long time but the happy days are not counted at all. To make sure that I count my happy days, I was searching for a way and... Continue Reading →

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